Pasul me Mish

Pasul me mish (Stew with meat) is a hearty traditional Albanian dish made with a few simple ingredients.  Slow cooked on the stove, it makes a great meal on a cold winter day.  Serve with fresh, crusty bread.



8 cups water

1 cup white beans

1 pound meat with bone in (lamb, beef, or chicken)

1 white or yellow onion

1 tablespoon oil

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon paprika

1 teaspoon Vegeta seasoning (Ms. Dash or similar will also work)



1.  Put the beans into the water on the stove and let cook for a few hours.

2.  Add meat and reduce heat to low.

3.  Sautee the onion in a pan with the olive oil.

4.  Add the onion and the spices into the water, cover, and let simmer on the stove on low heat for hours until the beans and meat are nice and tender.

Special thanks to Albulena Ukaj for this recipe!


Baron Bar Lounge

ImageBaron Bar Lounge is aptly named!  It is a bar where you can lounge.  There are comfortable chairs arranged in little groups, a full bar, and of course, lots of smoke.  There is also a pretty extensive menu, so you can eat there as well if you like.  Might be a nice place to go get a coffee during the day or a drink in the evening.  The menu is not in English and the staff does not seem to speak too much English, but like always in Pristina the service is friendly and they are happy to try to communicate with you, so no worries there.

Price:  $$ of $$$

Walking Directions:  Starting from U.S. Embassy Bravo gate, take a right to walk down the hill to the main road (Ahmet Krasniqi).  When you get to the circle, keep to your right and walk on the overpass over the train tracks and take the first right (onto Tirana).  At the first main road, take a left onto Garibaldi.  Walk straight until you see the Youth and Sports Ministry building (rack of lamb building) on your left.  Baron is in this building.  It has a fountain out front.

Avenue Restaurant and Bar



Great food, very nice service, new interior and a great ambiance.  Standard fare — pastas, salads, soups, brick oven pizza, meat cooked in the oven.  Prepared very well and nice portions, reasonable prices.  The menu is not in English, but you can figure out what you would like.  Full bar.  No kids chair or corner, but very friendly to kids.  Also one of the few menus to serve breakfast such as omelettes and french toast.  Conveniently located right on Nene Tereza boulevard next to Dukagjini Books.  Suitable for date night and certainly worth a try!

Price:  $$ of $$$

Located:  On Nene Tereza Boulevard, right by the Nene Tereza statue and adjacent to Dukagjini Books.  Across the way from the Swiss Diamond.

Dodo Filigree



Pristina has several very talented silversmiths, and Dodo is one of them.  The jewelry is gorgeous and the prices are reasonable.  He had nice gift boxes as well.  Definitely worth checking out!

Walking Directions:  Starting from U.S. Embassy Bravo gate, take a right to walk down the hill to the main road (Ahmet Krasniqi).  When you get to the circle, keep to your right and walk on the overpass over the train tracks and take the first right (onto Tirana).  At the first main road, take a left onto Garibaldi.  Walk straight through the next intersection.  Dodo has a black and silver sign and is just below street level, on your right hand side.


Detari Fish Shop by Bravo Gate

If you walk down to the bottom of the hill from Bravo gate, you will see a fish shop to your right.  They sell sea fish (not just trout/trofta).  They have levrek (sea bass), shrimp, squid, salmon, dorado, etc.  You can buy it as is, have it cleaned for you, and even have it completely cooked for you!   The owner does not seem to speak English, but you can communicate with pointing and showing with fingers how many kilo you would like.

Definitely worth a try.

Prices:  $$ of $$$.  Examples:  Shrimp – 15 euro/kilo; Levrek – 10 euro/kilo.  Only 50 cents per fish to have it cooked for you!

Location:  At the bottom of the road 24 maj/Johan Gete where it intersects with Ahmet Krasniqi (in the Dragodan neighborhood).

Te Ariu Restaurant & Mini Zoo

What a great place to take the kids on a rainy day or a nice day!  There are bears in a big cage outside.  Other enclosures include ostriches and a few other critters.  There is a big duck pond where kids will happily stand for a long time, tossing in bits of bread.  There is an outdoor playground for nice days and a large indoor playground as well.  Parents can sit at a table in eyesight of the playgrounds and enjoy standard Kosovar fare like shop salads, pizzas, pastas, soups, meats, etc.  There is also a full bar.  Prices are good, very reasonable.  The menu is not translated to English, but it is easy enough to figure out.  Some waiters speak some English, but as always around Pristina, they seem just fine with communicating through pointing and gesturing and you will get your food.  Seems to get very busy on weekend evenings, but a trip during a weekday will reveal plenty of space.

Price:  $$ of $$$

Driving Directions:  (~10 minutes)  Starting at U.S. Embassy Bravo gate, take a right to go down the hill and take a right onto the main road (Ahmet Krasniqi).  At the first circle, go around and take the last option, toward Ferizaj/Viva Fresh/Maxi/Albi Mall.  At the next circle, take the second option to continue straight through the circle (M2/E65).  Stay straight until you pass Albi Mall on the left hand side.  Take the next exit onto the M25-2, toward Gjilian.  Take a left (you will see a sign that says “Te Ariu” and has a bear on it).  Then take a quick right and pull all the way back into their parking lot.

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant and Karaoke

Very tasty Japanese food from sushi rolls to seaweed salad.  There is a full bar, which comes in handy to provide liquid courage on karaoke night, which tends to be Friday evening.

Price:  $$ to $$$ of $$$

Directions:  From U.S. Embassy Bravo gate, turn right to walk down the hill.  When you get to the main road, take a right onto Ahmet Krasniqi.  Go past the red-and-white Maxi sign that will be on your right, and soon you will see Tokyo’s white, black, and red sign on the right hand side.  It is in a little strip of stores right before you get to the big traffic circle.  It is able to be walked in perhaps 20-25 minutes, but there is usually parking so drive if you have the option, or you can always take a taxi.