Detari Fish Shop by Bravo Gate

If you walk down to the bottom of the hill from Bravo gate, you will see a fish shop to your right.  They sell sea fish (not just trout/trofta).  They have levrek (sea bass), shrimp, squid, salmon, dorado, etc.  You can buy it as is, have it cleaned for you, and even have it completely cooked for you!   The owner does not seem to speak English, but you can communicate with pointing and showing with fingers how many kilo you would like.

Definitely worth a try.

Prices:  $$ of $$$.  Examples:  Shrimp – 15 euro/kilo; Levrek – 10 euro/kilo.  Only 50 cents per fish to have it cooked for you!

Location:  At the bottom of the road 24 maj/Johan Gete where it intersects with Ahmet Krasniqi (in the Dragodan neighborhood).


City Hipermarket 1

City Hipermarket 1 is a good grocery store with lots of good choices.  The first register line accepts VAT forms from the embassy.  Though there is no butcher station at this store, there are frozen meats and just about anything else you could want here.  The condiments selection is very good, as is the snacks, dairy (including ice cream), baby, and produce sections.

Driving Directions:  Starting from U.S. Embassy Bravo gate, go down the hill and take a right onto the main road (Ahmet Krasniqi).  Continue straight until you get to the first traffic circle.  Take the second exit option onto the small road.  Continue following this road for a few kilometers, taking it slow over the train tracks.  The City Park Shopping Center will come up on your right side with blue neon letters.  Park in the big lot; City Hipermarket 1 is straight ahead on the first floor.

Viva Fresh

Viva Fresh has more than just groceries; it is also a department store.  There is jewelry, cosmetics, clothes, some toys, dishes, cleaning supplies, and housewares.  The meat counter is one of the best in Pristina, with fresh beef and fresh chicken breasts (amazing!).  The produce section is also very good.

There is a little indoor play area for the kids as well with a trampoline, rockers, and a slide.  There is also a coffee shop in the building.

Added plus — it is very easy to use a VAT form here as well as credit cards.

Web site:

Driving Directions:  (~10 minutes)  Starting at U.S. Embassy Bravo gate, take a right to go down the hill and take a right onto the main road (Ahmet Krasniqi).  At the first circle, go around and take the last option, toward Ferizaj/Viva Fresh/Maxi/Albi Mall.  At the next circle, take the second option to continue straight through the circle (M2/E65).  Stay straight until you pass Albi Mall on the left hand side.  Take the next exit onto the M25-2, toward Gjilian.  Take a right to go under the highway and then continue straight.  Viva Fresh has a big parking lot on your right.

City Hipermarket 2

This is a full service grocery store that is easy to walk to.  There is a nice meat counter, with better cuts available in the morning.  The produce section is good, there is a selection of wines and liquors, there is water bottles and sodas, a decent baking aisle, small baby section (with Hipp baby food), cheeses, eggs, a small freezer section with ice cream in the summer months, cleaning supplies, dried pastas and rices, and a few cans of food.

Walking Directions:  From the U.S. Embassy Bravo Gate, take a left to walk up the hill to the Dragodan Steps.  Descend the steps and cross over the main road (Zagrebi).  Stay straight onto UCK.  In a few hundred meters, you will see City Hipermarket 2’s blue, green, and white sign on the strip mall building on your right hand side.

Maxi (on Ahmet Krasniqi)

This little grocery store is in walking distance of the U.S. embassy and is a good bet for staples.  It is relatively small, but they have your basics like milk, cheese, some veggies, pasta, cleaning supplies, a small baby section, and a small frozen food section.

Directions:  From U.S. Embassy Bravo gate, turn right to walk down the hill.  When you get to the main road, take a right onto Ahmet Krasniqi.  Walk about 500 meters (~0.3 mi) and the red-and-white Maxi sign will be on your right, set back in a small parking lot.  The walk takes 15-20 minutes at a normal pace.