Quality Beauty & Cosmetics

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Quality Price List

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Prepare to be pampered!  Several ladies have tried and liked this salon that offers services like manicure / pedicure, facials, make up, massage, and waxing.  (See full list of services and prices above.)  They spend a lot of time with each patron.  They take walk ins, but it is best to make an appointment.

Phone: 044 586 221 / 049 493 860

Directions: (Walking) Starting at U.S. Embassy with your back to Bravo gate, turn left up the hill.  When you see the brown wooden fence of the Hungarian Embassy, turn right down the Dragodan steps.  Cross over the first road (Selim Berisha).  At the second road, turn right (the road name is Rr. Edward Lir).  (Pi Bar will be on your left.)  Quality is visible from the stairs.  It is #17. There are potted trees on either side of the door.

Coordinates: (You can put into Google Maps)  @42.66462,21.153743


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