Ujvara e Drinit te Bardhe Waterfall


Directions:  (Driving)  Turn right out of Bravo Gate at the U.S. Embassy.  Go down the hill.  Take a right at the bottom of the road onto Ahmet Krasniqi.  At the first circle, take the 3rd option to get onto E-65/M-2/E-80 (toward Shkup / Viva Fresh / airport).  At the second circle, quickly take the first option toward the airport / Peje (M-9).  From here, you are staying on this road about 76 km (48 miles).  Stay with M-9, continuing toward the airport.  When the road splits at the next circle, continue with M-9 toward the airport (essentially bearing to the left).  Continue with the M-9 past the airport.  When the road splits, stay right, going toward Peje / Pec (away from Tirane).  Pass the turn off for Mallisheve.  Go through the town of Balince.  Pass through the town of Kijeve.  Pass the turn off for Gjakova.  Keep going through Zahec.  You will see a sign for Rozaje on your right.  Take this right (onto the 106).  If you pass by a red ETC on your right, you’ve gone too far.  Continue on 106, following signs for Rozaje.  You will come to a circle.  Take the second option, toward Rozaje (first option is toward Mitrovice).  Continue on 106 and you will see a sign for Ujvara e Drinit.  Then you will see a big blue and white sign that says Trofta.


Take a left here.  Drive past the restaurant as far as you can.  Park the car and walk through the cement pylons.  The waterfall is up ahead on your right.

Coordinates: (You can paste into Google Maps) 42.738376, 20.306511


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