Detari Fish Shop by Bravo Gate

If you walk down to the bottom of the hill from Bravo gate, you will see a fish shop to your right.  They sell sea fish (not just trout/trofta).  They have levrek (sea bass), shrimp, squid, salmon, dorado, etc.  You can buy it as is, have it cleaned for you, and even have it completely cooked for you!   The owner does not seem to speak English, but you can communicate with pointing and showing with fingers how many kilo you would like.

Definitely worth a try.

Prices:  $$ of $$$.  Examples:  Shrimp – 15 euro/kilo; Levrek – 10 euro/kilo.  Only 50 cents per fish to have it cooked for you!

Location:  At the bottom of the road 24 maj/Johan Gete where it intersects with Ahmet Krasniqi (in the Dragodan neighborhood).

2 thoughts on “Detari Fish Shop by Bravo Gate

  1. Nate says:

    Where exactly is this – for those of us who don’t know which gate is the Bravo Gate. This isn’t the Taunita shop in Qafa, right? If not, this is a very exciting development. I’d also like to ask you ask you something over e-mail if you’d be so kind as to write me.

  2. usateuta says:

    Thank you for your comment! I updated the location for you. I hope this helps. Also check out the map to the left for a pin. (Ctrl+F “Detari” to locate it quickly)

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