Cavallero Mexican Food Restaurant


Cavallero makes a mean mojito with cane sugar and homegrown mint.  There are also good margaritas (blended or on the rocks) and fresh-fried tortilla chips with various dips.  The extensive menu includes all of the Mexican restaurant staples from fajitas to enchiladas to taquitos.  If you are in the mood for Mexican, this is the place to go.  There is indoor and outdoor seating and the staff speaks great English.

Price:  $$ of $$$

Walking Directions:  Cavallero is between the NEWBORN sign and Nene Teresa Boulevard.  From the U.S. Embassy Bravo Gate, take a left to walk up the hill to the Dragodan Steps.  Descend the steps and cross over the main road (Zagrebi).  Bear right as the road splits onto Fehmi Agani.  At the large intersection (with bakery Ma Belle in front of you), turn right onto Luan Haradinaj.  Continue walking a few hundred meters; The Ninety-One will be on your right before you get to the NEWBORN sign.  After this bar, take a left to cross the street and go down the small street which almost looks like an alley.  Cavallero will be on your left.

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