MiniMax Shopping Center

MiniMax is a department store with many different products.  There are electronics, jewelry, some household knick knacks, kids’ clothes and toys, women’s clothes, men’s clothes, sports clothes, and purses.  There are brands like Burberry, Chanel, and Prada.  Though they are likely not the “real deal,” the prices are very good.  There is also a restaurant/cafe on the first level.

Walking/Driving Directions:  (~15 minutes/~5 minutes)  From U.S. Embassy Bravo gate, go down the hill and take a right onto the main road (Ahmet Krasniqi).  Travel along this road, past the Maxi.  Right before you reach the traffic circle, make a hairpin right to go up the hill past the unfinished gray cement structure (Ferid Curri).  You will see MiniMax on your left; turn into the parking lot.

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