Germia Hike

For a nice hike up a hill that has a great view at the top, park just before the gates to Germia in the parking lot on the left.  Walk up the paved slope and follow it around to the right, then take the dirt road on the right to walk up the mountain.  Follow red and white markers on the trail to get to the top.  Watch out for wildlife like little lizards, snakes, turtles, and birds–and also watch out for an occasional dirt bike.  Most of the hike is shaded by trees.

Duration:  Approximately 1 hr 10 minutes to the top; less on the way down.

Difficulty:  Can be done in sneakers without any other equipment.  Any person in reasonably good shape will be fine.  The hike gets a bit steep by the end.  As far as kids — an older kid might be able to do the hike.  No strollers, but a surefooted, physically fit person may be able to use a baby carrier.

Driving Directions:  Start at U.S. Embassy Gate (Bravo) and go down the hill to get to the main road (Ahmet Krasniqi).  Take a left onto the main road.  At the circle, take the second option onto Tirana.  Essentially, you are taking a left off of Ahmet Krasniqi.  Go straight through the traffic light to go onto UCK street.  Follow UCK until you get to the square with the three-pronged white unity statue in it; bear left with the road past ProCredit Bank.  When you get to the traffic circle, take the first option, essentially making a hairpin right turn (onto Agim Ramadani).  Take a left at the traffic light, turning just before the mosque that is under construction.  Now follow this road all the way to Germia.  When it looks like it splits a little in Old Town, keep to the right to stay with the road.  You will run into the Germia gates.  Take a left into the parking lot.

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