One of the two restaurants in Germia Park (the other one being Villa Germia), Freskia is located just off the main road by the caged animals and a small playground area.  The proximity of the playground makes it easy to watch kids play while adults dine.  There is normal cafe fare like pizzas and salads and coffee, and the indoor/outdoor seating is very nice to take in the green surroundings.  It gets very crowded on weekends, but the staff does their best to keep everyone happy and as a result the atmosphere gets bustling, but not hectic.  A nice place to enjoy a bite to eat.

Price: $$ of $$$

Driving Directions:  Start at U.S. Embassy Gate (Bravo) and go down the hill to get to the main road (Ahmet Krasniqi).  Take a left onto the main road.  At the circle, take the second option onto Tirana.  Essentially, you are taking a left off of Ahmet Krasniqi.  Go straight through the traffic light to go onto UCK street.  Follow UCK until you get to the square with the three-pronged white unity statue in it; bear left with the road past ProCredit Bank.  When you get to the traffic circle, take the first option, essentially making a hairpin right turn (onto Agim Ramadani).  Take a left at the traffic light, turning just before the mosque that is under construction.  Now follow this road all the way to Germia.  When it looks like it splits a little in Old Town, keep to the right to stay with the road.  You will run into the Germia gates.  (1 euro to get into the park.)  Drive along the main road until you see a turnoff to the left.  (The big playground will be just up ahead on the main road.)  Take the left and park in the lot by the little playground; Freskia is just up ahead.

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  1. […] Germia is one of the two restaurants located in Germia Park (the other one being Freskia).  Villa Germia is right on the main road, just past the big playground area.  There is a […]

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