Lake Battlava (Liqeni Battlava)

By the town of Orlian is the beautiful, big lake of Battlava.  It does not yet seem to be on the radar of the internationals living in Pristina, but plenty of local Albanians visit in the summer months.  Cars back up close to the shore and leave the hatchback open to play music. Families and young people spread out beach blankets on the grass, put up umbrellas, eat picnics, and splash around in the water.  There are several places along the shore where paddleboats can be rented for 5 euro.  There are also hiking trails in the wooded areas around the lake.  It is a great way to spend a warm summer day.

Price:  Depending on the time of year you go, there may be a 1-2 euro fee charged by someone standing on the side of the road.

Driving Directions:  (~1 hr due to winding roads) From U.S. Embassy Bravo gate, go right down the hill and take a left onto the main road (Ahmet Krasniqi).  Continue a short distance to the traffic circle.  Take the last option (Zagrebi) the third road; the sign says “Podujevo.”  (Tantamount to making a left off of Ahmet Krasniqi; you will pass by the bottom of the Dragodan Steps and Pandora Tower on your left.)  In just over 1 km, the road will fork a little.  There will be an option to bear right up onto a small overpass and then go left.  That road (Vellezerit Fazliu) bears left to take you north on the 25/E-80.  It is a main road.  The turns are not well marked, but there are several left hand turns you can make that will feed you onto the E-80.  You should pass a Pro Credit bank on your right, then make a right onto the E-80 north at the next big intersection.  It sounds harder than it is.  Once you are on E-80, stay straight for awhile, ~15 km.  Pass through the towns of Bardhosh, Trude, Lebane, Prugoc, Besi, and Vranidoll.  When you get to Shakovice, you will be making a right onto the R125.  There is a small sign that tells you Battlave/Orlian is that way, but you might miss the turn off the first time because it looks like a small dirt road.  That is the right turn.  Get on this road and stay on it.  Follow it through the small village and around the mountain.  In perhaps 20-30 minutes, you will be rewarded with a view of the lake below.  There are several good restaurants on this road, overlooking the lake.  Look for a group of people or paddle boats parked on the shore to tell you where there is a good spot.  Park your car and enjoy!

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