Ujëvara e Mirushës Restaurant

This restaurant is located close to Mirusha Falls, right over the Mirusha River.  The decor inside is very nice and looks new.  The view of the river outside is very pretty.  The food is standard Kosovo fare: salad (sallatë), soup (supë), meat (mish), and even some trout (trofta).  The menu is not in English, but you can figure it out!  The staff is very nice.  They are happy to try to communicate in English/gestures.  There is a full bar as well.  Lunch for two is about 10-15 euro.  It is a very nice place to visit on the same day as Mirusha Falls.

Price:  $$ of $$$

Phone:  044 508 336 / 049 508 336

Directions:  (Driving)  Turn right out of Bravo Gate at the U.S. Embassy.  Go down the hill.  Take a right at the bottom of the road onto Ahmet Krasniqi.  At the first circle, take the 3rd option to get onto E-65/M-2/E-80 (toward airport).  At the second circle, quickly take the first option toward the airport (M-9).  Stay with M-9, continuing toward the airport.  When the road splits at the next circle, continue with M-9 toward the airport (essentially bearing left at the fork).  Continue with the M-9 past the airport.  Pass the turn off for Mallisheve.  Go through the town of Balince.  Pass through the town of Kijeve.  Take the LEFT toward Gjakova (M9-1) as pictured on the blue sign.  Pretty shortly thereafter, you will pass the Restaurant Ujëvara e Mirushës on the left side.

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