Osteria Basilico

Tasty Italian food ranging from pasta to meat to fish to eggplant.  The concise but well-executed menu is helpfully translated into English and the friendly staff largely speaks English.  The mashed potatoes with cheese and garlic are known around the English speaking community as “crack” mashed potatoes — because they are so addictive.  The wine and dessert are also very good.  The indoor seating area is quaint and cute; there is outdoor patio seating in warm months.  Dinner for two (appetizer + entree + wine) might be about 40 euro.

Price:  $$ of $$$

Directions:  (Walking)  From the U.S. Embassy Bravo Gate, take a left to walk up the hill to the Dragodan Steps.  Descend the steps and cross over the main road (Zagrebi).  Bear right as the road splits onto Fehmi Agani.  Continue a few hundred meters; Basilico will be on your right hand side before you get to the main intersection (Luan Haradinaj).

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