Mirusha Falls (Ujvara e Mirushes)

Just over an hour outside of Pristina, Mirusha Falls puts you in mind of a (really cool) old-fashioned swimming hole.  Internationals and locals alike flock to the calm natural pool in the summer months.  It’s a bit hard to find the first time, but once you find it, you’ll be back again and again.  There are some tables and chairs on decks and a little drink stand near the water.  Some brave souls jump from the top of the falls (not recommended).  Hikers also enjoy walking around the area.  It’s a wonderful way to spend a hot summer day.

Directions:  (Driving)  Turn right out of Bravo Gate at the U.S. Embassy.  Go down the hill.  Take a right at the bottom of the road onto Ahmet Krasniqi.  At the first circle, take the 3rd option to get onto E-65/M-2/E-80 (toward airport).  At the second circle, quickly take the first option toward the airport (M-9).  Stay with M-9, continuing toward the airport.  When the road splits at the next circle, continue with M-9 toward the airport (essentially bearing left at the fork).  Continue with the M-9 past the airport.  Pass the turn off for Mallisheve.  Go through the town of Balince.  Pass through the town of Kijeve.  Take the LEFT toward Gjakova (M9-1) as pictured on the blue sign.  Pretty shortly thereafter, you will pass the Restaurant Ujevara e Mirushes on the left side.  About .2-.3 miles (350 meters), take the next left. This road will take you up and around the mountain.

After you are sure you are going the wrong direction, you will see a little sign on the right side of the road with a picture of the waterfall on it and a sign saying 3km.  Take a left onto a little dirt road into the tiny town with ornate, colorful gates.  Some cars park and hike from here; others drive along the bumpy dirt road through beautiful farmland.  A 4WD vehicle is recommended if you take the car all the way down the road.  The little dirt road will appear to split into three; stay to the middle option.  Wind your way down the road until you hit the parking lot.  Park, walk straight.  Then you will see the falls.

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