Himalayan Gorkha

In the mood for Indian/Nepalese?  This restaurant is a great choice for either eat-in or delivery.  They will put the food in a cab for you and have it delivered to your address; you just pay the cabbie the food bill and its taxi fare.  The food is very tasty and the ambiance of the restaurant is nice and casual.

Price:  $$ of $$$

Phone:  044 402 265 / 044 821 970

Hours:  11 AM to 10 PM, 7 days a week

Web site (with full menu):  http://himalayangorkha-ks.com/

Directions:  (Walking)   From the U.S. Embassy Bravo Gate, take a left to walk up the hill to the Dragodan Steps (on the right, before the Hungarian Embassy).  Descend the steps and cross over the main road (Zagrebi).  Stay straight onto UCK.  In a few hundred meters, there will be a strip of stores on your right hand side.  City Hipermarket 2, Besa Fast Food, and a few other restaurants are on street level.  Walk up the stairs to the second floor of the strip mall.  Look for the white sign with red and blue details stating “Himalayan Gorkha.”

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