Rotisserie Chickens


For 3 euro, you can be the proud owner of a rotisserie chicken.  Approximately 4 out of every 5 chickens are moist and delicious.  Make sure you point to the one you want.  The chickens are small, the size of a large Cornish hen, so if you have a family of good eaters, splurge for one per person.  “Një pulë” = “One chicken,” but the nice guys at the shop do not mind holding up fingers and gestures.  People have also been seen pulling their cars up on the sidewalk near the rotisserie and getting some “Kosovo drive-thru.”

Price: $ of $$$

Walking Directions:  From the U.S. Embassy Bravo Gate, take a left to walk up the hill to the Dragodan Steps.  Descend the steps and cross over the main road (Zagrebi).  The rotisserie stand should be visible, on your left hand side.

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