Gadime Caves (Shpella e Gadime)

The Gadime caves are about 1260 meters, with about 5oo meters open to the public since 1976.  They are marble caves, with many stalactites and stalagmites.  It is beautiful!

There is a small office right outside a coffee shop next to the cave.  For 2.50 euro each, a guide will walk you around the cave and point out what the rock formations look like.  We saw Romeo and Juliet, the eagle, a map of Kosovo in the rocks.  We were offered a tour in English, German, or Albanian.  By several accounts, tours are available every two hours, but no one is quite sure when they start or stop.  We took a tour at 10AM.  There were just the three of us on the tour, which was really nice.  We walked around for just under one hour underground.

The cave was all paved, suitable for a small umbrella stroller.  The temperature was quite cool even when it was 90 degrees outside, so kids may want a light jacket.  The cave is lit with electric lights, but we’d heard stories of them flickering out, so throw a flashlight in the bag for peace of mind.

There is a nice coffee shop just outside the cave with a menu of pizzas and salads.  Great little day trip for adults and kids alike.

Price:  2.50 euro per person

Directions:  (You must drive.)  From U.S. Embassy Bravo gate, drive down the one way street to the main road (Ahmet Krasniqi).  Turn right on the road.  You will quickly come to the first traffic circle.  Go toward Ferizaj/Skopje/Shkup (3rd option).  You will again come upon another traffic circle.  This one you are essentially going straight through, again toward Ferizaj/Skope/Shkup.  After that second circle, stay on this road (E-65/M2) for about 12 km, being sure to keep with the same road.  You will see a blue sign for Gadime on the right that points left; turn left (Rte 209).  Stay on this road for about 3 km.  The road will turn, or you can go straight into a parking lot.  Go straight into the lot and park in the lot of the coffee shop.  You can buy tickets for the cave in the small office in that parking lot.  The entrance to the cave is around back of the coffee shop.  The whole trip is 20km; it took us about 45 mins with normal traffic.

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